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Franz Galo is a London-based French film director and cinematographer.

After studying graphic design in Paris (ESAG), he worked as an art director and a fashion photographer. He then discovered film by directing his first experimental short, called « KRK », which won an award for Best Short Film in a French Festival, in 2013. This experience led him to numerous film projects. He started making video portraits of artists he met in Europe, exploring their creative process. He had the opportunity to win several international awards for his films, which encouraged him to work on more ambitious projects.

Emotional narratives and poetic storytelling is what he is focusing on, by creating stories and characters that speak to the soul and heart of the viewer. He always tries to “feel” a story or a character, rather than to “think” it, which allows him more freedom in the artistic process.
He is currently working on a documentary about a psychic he met in Houston, Texas, and a short thriller based on a dream logic.

Here is an interview by Tim Jarvis (Fabrik) about his work.